Plymouth has three worship services.

Traditional Worship

9:30-10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings in the sanctuary.

Music provided by choirs (Chancel, handbell, children) and ensembles (brass, string, woodwind) deepens the worship experience and lifts the congregation to a level of harmony words alone could not achieve. Children worship with adults during the first portion of the service, which includes a special Children’s Celebration message. Following the children’s message, children are invited to attend Sunday School (at 9:45 a.m.) Child care is available every Sunday, beginning at 8:15 a.m. This service is broadcast live on 1320AM radio and can also be accessed live through for those connecting by Internet.

Gathering of Grace

11:15 a.m. – 12 p.m. Sunday mornings in the sanctuary.

The Gathering of Grace service, while keeping true to the worship traditions of Plymouth, is shorter, more informal, and contains contemporary music. All children are encouraged and most welcome to enjoy the entire service with their families; however, child care for younger children is available in the nursery. Worship bags with quiet activities are available for children during this service.  Adults, youth, and children actively participate in prayer requests and singing. Two continuing goals of the service are that worship should be joyful and that Christian worship traditions will be explained as they are celebrated.



Plymouth’s third service is its Taizé Service. Our church coordinates this service with several other Lawrence churches. Taizé has an ecumenical spirit of “All are welcome” and its mission is to further peace and social justice. The service includes scripture and reflective readings, meditative silence, simple songs sung in repetition with musical accompaniment, and candle lighting.

Plymouth sponsors about 20 Taizé services each year. These services are held weekly in Advent and Lent and monthly during the remainder of the year.

All the services begin at 6 p.m.  The schedule for these services, including dates and locations, can be found on bookmarks in the information rack outside the church office, in the Journal-World Community Calendar, in the bulletins of hosting churches, and via emails to those on the Taizé email list.

Those interested in getting an email message about upcoming Taizé services or in learning more about Taizé are invited to contact Plymouth’s Taizé coordinator Judith Galas, 785-842-4958,
Now Hear This!

The Board of Deacons has provided some induction neckloops to use with the Telex hearing assist devices that are programmed for use in the sanctuary.
If you have hearing aids equipped with a telecoil feature, the neckloop lets you leave your hearing aids in place while using the Telex hearing assist device. The neckloop plugs into the hearing assist device in place of the earbud. Then you place the neckloop around your neck, and activate the telecoil setting in your hearing aids.

As another option to help you hear the worship service, if you have your own favorite ear buds, or headphones, or a personal neckloop that works with your hearing aids, and if your item has a standard 3.5mm mini plug such as you would use with an iPod or a cell phone, you are welcome to bring your own device and plug it into one of the Telex hearing assist devices available for use in the sanctuary.

We will continue to provide the ear buds to use with the Telex hearing assist devices as an option for worshipers who do not have hearing aids, or whose hearing aids do not have a telecoil feature.

Please ask Bob Newton (, Bonnie Briscoe (, or any of the ushers, for assistance in helping you more fully hear the spoken words and the music during worship.