Cherub Choir  The pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st graders form the Cherub Choir.

Carol Choir  The 2nd through 4th graders form the Carol Choir.

Chapel Choir  The 5th through 7th graders form the Chapel Choir.

All children’s choirs rehearse from 10:25-10:55 a.m. as a part of the Sunday School program. Each choir performs throughout the year.  The  Carol Choir and Chapel Choir members also sing at the Christmas Eve 6 p.m. service and perform in a musical each spring.

Children’s Musical

Each spring, the children in the Carol Choir (grades 2nd—4th) and the Chapel Choir (grades 5th—7th) set as a goal the presentation of a musical for the Plymouth congregation. All children are encouraged and invited to participate in this creative and fun venture.


The cast of 2016 presented “Are We There Yet?” The Story of Moses and the Exodus.


Kirk Johnson played the part of Moses.


Directors of the 2016 musical were Emily Bennett, Kim Manz and Amanda Clark