Plymouth Congregational Church is a United Church of Christ. For more information about the United Church of Christ (UCC) please visit the website:

Plymouth is a 5 for 5 church, meaning that we contribute to the 5 main United Church of Christ (UCC) missions, Our Church’s Wider Mission, Neighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing, The Christmas Fund and Strengthen the Church.

Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM)

Our Church’s Wider Mission is the money we give to the ministry and mission of the United Church of Christ (UCC).  80% of that money stays right here in our KS/OK Conference and the remaining 20% goes on to support the mission of the UCC.  In 2014, Plymouth Church will contribute $27,500 to this fund. Free will offerings enabled Plymouth to contribute an additional $8,000 in 2014. The idea of extending our Light through Our Church’s Wider Mission has inspired our Church Council to have $50,000 in the budget for OCWM in 2016. To find out more about opportunities for service and/or financial support in our region or throughout the world, contact the church office (843-3220), or the office of the KS/OK Conference (1-800-880-6466).

Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need is a mission to benefit disadvantaged people in the United States such as The Council for American Indian Ministries, the Commission for Racial Justice, the Office of Communication, the Office for Church in Society, and the Coordination Center for Women. Where feasible, NIN funds are used to aid racial/ethnic constituencies of the UCC. This year we will collect the offering on October 5, 2014.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Our gifts to this offering have enabled us to help people throughout the world whose lives are ravaged by famine, disease, and war. One Great Hour of Sharing reaches more than 70 countries and will be collected during the season of Lent in March, 2015.

The Christmas Fund

This offering supports financial needs of retired UCC clergy and clergy widows and widowers; it will be collected in December.

Strengthen the Church

This fund supports invigorating existing congregations and nurturing lay and pastoral leadership. It also helps to build youth and young adult ministries.


Within the UCC Plymouth is the largest church in the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference

The Kansas-Oklahoma Conference is 74 churches and over 11,000 members strong. A Conference Council of 4 officers and 22 representatives and Commissions meets quarterly to conduct Conference business between the annual meetings of the Conference each October.