The Micah Project

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  • Sunday | February 7, 2016
  • 9:30 am

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The Micah Project – Plymouth’s Lenten focus – asks each of us to commit to the Lord’s requirements: Do justice. Love mercifully. Walk humbly with God. For the Micah Project, we are asking each of us to commit to weekly worship, daily prayer, daily acts of mercy and justice, weekly small groups, and tithing during the forty days of Lent. Writing this (and reading this) sounds like a lot. It is. With our renewed baptism and in the spirit of God, we are seeking to fulfill the Lord’s requirements. Some thoughts you might be experiencing: how can I fit this in? This seems too much – I already do as much as I can.

But remember: God knows our humanity. It is us, seeking to know God’s divinity that calls us along this path. By committing together as a congregation, this means that truly, we are in this together. Doing this together means the following:

Your fellow Plymouth-goers are committing, too.

We are preparing a handbook with the Lenten calendar as well as ideas for your acts of mercy and justice (greeting a stranger with kindness is mercy, standing up for the oppressed in a Facebook argument – this is an act of justice).

We will provide prayer cards to help with your daily prayers.

We will have an additional service each week on Wednesday evening.

We are asking you to engage from where you are – you do not need to reach some ‘level-up’ stage of Christianity. We are called from right where we are now.

Please let us know how you want to be engaged this Lent – can you host a small group at your home? Are you willing to facilitate one of the small groups knowing that training and materials will be provided? Are you interested in writing a daily devotional to be circulated to the congregation? Do you have an idea for an act of mercy or an act of justice that individuals can do? Do you have an idea for a congregation-wide act of mercy or justice? We want to know! Please email Alan Anderson or me ( to volunteer or provide feedback. Between now and the Micah Project kick-off on February 7, Transfiguration Sunday, the Micah Project handbooks will be circulated and you will have the opportunity to sign up for small groups and to sign your covenant card, committing to partaking in the Micah Project for forty days this Lenten Season.

May God inspire us all, and together, may we become Christ’s hands, and feet, and hearts in the world around us.

Julia Gaughan

Moderator Elect