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The Latest Word: News & Notes from Plymouth Church

  • “What Does the Epiphany Story mean to You?” by Rev. Dr. Peter A. Luckey

    So, it’s a little risky here, but I’ll take that risk! I invite you—it’s audience participation, part of the sermon. So this is true/false. I’m not having you raise your hands. I don’t want anyone to feel any shame so you can hide on this one. What you’re all just

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  • Plymouth’s January Rock Newsletter

    Check out the January issue of Plymouth’s newsletter, The Rock Featured Inside Plymouth’s Stewardship Board Chair, Doni Mooberry-Slough talks about making Plymouth one’s charity of choice. Highlights from the 162nd Christmas at Plymouth. Information on Plymouth’s upcoming course on White Privilege. The need for new sound technicians for Sunday services. Info

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